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Sunday, May 18, 2008


The passage from scripture that St. Augustine of Hippo first lighted upon at his conversion to Jesus Christ was "Walk honestly as in the day."

This is key that we walk in the true light of the Dayspring from on high who is The Lord Jesus Christ.

In this we reject all evils.

In the final trial of the Church, that of the coming of the Son of Perdition the Antichrist, we are warned that we will face both deception and overt physical persecution, even unto death. In this we must walk circumspectfully and not be lead into lures of false prophets and false brethren, but at the same time still to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Christ. A lot of discernment and prayer is needed.

Saints Moses and Aaron followed Christ.

From the Great Horologion.

Kontakion of the Prophets. Fourth Tone

Thou Who wast raised up

With the divine and righteous Moses and Aaron, * the Prophets’ choir today rejoiceth with gladness, * seeing their prophecy fulfilled now in our midst; * for Thy Cross, O Christ our God, * whereby Thou hast redeemed us, * shineth in the sight of all * as the end and fulfilment * of that which they foretold in ancient times. * By their entreaties, have mercy upon us all.

Saint Moses certainly did not entertain any evolutionary views. Read Genesis and see that creation by God is literal and absolutely happened as Saint Moses recorded (Saint Moses was the author by the holy inspiration of God of the first five books of the Bible).

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