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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Against evil

The Truth About Father Leonard Feeney from his own writings

Public Journal :

Father Leonard Feeney was not a racist. He was simply a devoted Catholic.

I have found that recently, the on line record of Father Leonard Feeney's writings have been tampered with and a whole totally false overlay of accusations of racism and Nazism and antisemitism have been plastered in where there didn't used to be any such thing. It is totally untrue. I believe it is the work of Conciliar Ecumenists who are fairly good with computer software programs. They lie like serpents.

Father Feeney told the truth, especially about the dangers of Anti-Catholicism from the Jewish block of confirmed Christ haters and therefore haters of His Church - those who actively oppose Christ and work for the destruction of the Christian Faith and who therefore oppose Christ's presence in His creation and the societies of this earth. A futile opposition I might add.

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