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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Muhammad, disciple of Christ

A short word on the Prophet (PBUH).

When you separate out his life from the myths that have attached themselves to him and the false charges of his enemies (his first and worst enemies were the Jews) this is what you find.

Muhammad (PBUH) was a diligent pious young man who was very much inspired to seek God and his ways. The Hanefites and Christians were friends and guiding influences in his life. He did not seek to be a prophet. At the beginning when he was inspired to speak about revelations to him of God he spoke to his first wife Khadijah before anyone else, and it was her uncle Waraca, a Hanefite who had become a Christian, who verified that Muhammad's (peace be upon them) visions were genuine and that he was a prophet to the Arab people.

It is Muhammad's (PBUH) revelation, the Holy Qur'an, from God, Allah (SWT) - and also his life, shorn of myths and slanders, that speak truly.

It is absolutely clear in this perspective that he did not ever consider himself a source of a new religion. Islam, as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was given to understand from God was the revelation given the Prophets from the very first Prophet, Adam, on and utterly includes that only Jesus Christ is the Word and the Messiah of God, peace be upon them.

A Glorious Easter – the celebration of the Resurrection of 'Isa al Maseeh, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, to all.

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